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When you come in to see us at tax time, please use the following as a checklist of things you need to bring with you, so as to process your tax return as promptly as possible:

INCOME: Please provide evidence (including but not limited to)

1. Salary or wages - Payment Summaries (previously called Group Certificates). If possible please bring original + copy
2. Bank account details BSB and Account Number so we can put refund directly into bank account
3. Last years tax return or assessment notice from the ATO
4. Child support payments
5. Receipts for any medical expenses where the family is out of pocket over $5000 in medical expenses, includes prescriptions, optical, dental and medical (only if claimed in previous year)
6. Allowances, earnings, tips, directors fees etc
7. Australian Government allowances and payments (Centrelink) eg. Newstart, Youth Allowance, Austudy not family tax benefit
8. Bank interest earned and bank statements if possible
9. Employer lump sum payments
10. Employment termination payments
11. Australian Government pensions and allowances
12. Australian annuities and superannuation income streams
13. Australian superannuation lump sum payments
14. Attributed personal services income
15. Gross Interest
16. Dividend Statements
17. Employee Share Schemes
19. Distributions from partnerships and/or trusts
20. Personal services income (PSI)
21. Private health fund letter
22. Net income or loss from business
23. Deferred non-commercial business losses
24. Net farm management deposits or repayments
25. Capital gains
26. Foreign entities
- Direct or indirect interests in controlled foreign entities
- Transfer of property or services to a foreign resident trust
27. Foreign source income (including foreign pensions) and foreign assets or property
28. Bonuses from a life insurance company or friendly society policy
29. Forestry managed investment scheme income
30. Share information dividend statements
- If sold shares need purchase and sale details
31. Trust, managed funds annual statement
32. Any receipts for deductions or work related expenses
33. If have a partner or spouse, their assessable taxable income
34. Rental income Real Estate agents statements
35. Rental Expense Receipts
- Advertising
- Bank Charges
- Body Corporate Fees
- Borrowing Expenses
- Cleaning
- Council Rates
- Council Water Charges
- Depreciation (manual input)
- Depreciation Transferred
- Gardening/Lawn Mowing
- Insurances
- Interest
- Land Tax
- Legal Fees
- Motor Vehicle
- Other Travel Expenses
- Pest Control
- Property Management Fees
- Rates
- Repairs and Maintenance
- Special Building Write Off
- Stationery, Phone and Post
- Sundry Rental Expenses
- If sold investment property, all records of purchase and sale
- Newly Acquired Assets to Depreciate / Notes